Eileen Burns is an Associate Broker and Business Developer with Trans State Commercial Realty.  She served as President of CREW – Commercial Real Estate Women Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beach.  Eileen is co-author of “The Ultimate Sales Success – South Florida Edition” and has been actively involved in the real estate profession for more than two decades.

Eileen works with buyers who wish to purchase their tropical oasis easily and effortlessly.  She delivers the customer experience through her listening skill set and delivery of service.  Whether your interest lies in an island atmosphere, ocean front or lake front property, south east Florida abounds with the ultimate choice!

Eileen also works with Sellers who are ready to move rapidly via current market conditions.

Do you hold your real estate in a Living Revocable Trust?  Have you prepared a Will? Eileen is Certified Real Estate Probate Specialist who you may contact info@FloridaProbateAgent.com when you are seeking solutions to any questions you may have regarding selling real property whether residential or commercial.

Investors and any buyers who are looking to acquire income property in the State of Florida: apartment buildings, free standing restaurant, shopping centers, hotels, office buildings, marina, vacant land, industrial warehouse, 1031 exchanges, rv/mobile home or any income producing commercial property in south east Florida should call me today.

Be prepared to work “exclusively” with an agent who gets you results matching your criteria for acquisition and or disposition to increase your net worth.

Commercial real estate can be a smart investment!

What if I told you that I had an investment opportunity for you that increases your net worth four ways, would keep up with inflation, could be bought with mostly borrowed money and was capital gains tax free?  If you dismiss the idea, you are passing up an opportunity that lending institutions, the IRS and the American economy are only too happy to help you with.

Commercial properties available in metro Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach offering you depreciation, principal reduction, cash flow and appreciation.

Imagine a tenant paying you money that pays your mortgage (principal reduction) with a little left over for your pocket (cash flow).

Now imagine the IRS giving you a tax break each year that you own the property (depreciation) and with each year of ownership, the property has a strong potential to appreciate in value.(appreciation)

Finally, imagine never paying capital gains tax on the property (1031 tax deferred exchange). In fact, paying capital gains tax on commercial real estate is voluntary  As long as you continue to use the proceeds to buy another property, the tax is deferred.

What is important is the actual or potential income stream generated by the property.  If the property is leased, then an analysis of the quality, quantity and duration of the income stream is where the initial research should begin.

Obviously, this is just the beginning of the research necessary to make a good real estate investment but it is easier than pouring over the latest stats and SEC filings of Microsoft or GE.  And what have they done for you lately?

So, why not invest in commercial real estate that’s here in Ft Lauderdale, Miami or Palm Beach, Florida?

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